9 Delicious Mashed Potato Substitutes You’ll Want To Try

mashed potato substitute

Don’t want to eat mashed potatoes? Looking for some good mashed potato substitutes instead? Here are the 9 most delicious ways to substitute for mashed potatoes. Most mashed potato recipes are made with Yukon gold potatoes. However, if you’ve just started a new eating plan, don’t have Yukon gold potatoes, or just want to try … Read more

5 Best Dill Substitutes In Soup

dill substitute for soup

Making soup? Don’t have any dill? Continue reading to see some of the best dill substitutes in soup recipes that you can use instead.    When making certain types of soups like mushroom soup, cauliflower soup, salmon soup, or potato soup, dill takes the flavors of these to another level. Its fresh, grassy, and lemony, … Read more

5 Best Dill Substitutes In Tzatziki

dill substitute in tzatziki (1)

Are you making tzatziki? Don’t have any dill and need a replacement? Or maybe you just don’t like dill and you’d like to find a suitable way to replace it in tzatziki dip. Here are 5 of my top picks for dill substitutes in tzatziki. Tzatziki is a middle eastern yogurt cucumber garlic dip made … Read more

7 Amazing Dill Substitutes For Salmon

substitute for dill in salmon

Are you making salmon, but have no dill? You may be thinking that you have to wait until you have dill weed to cook that salmon, and you’d be wrong. There are many ways to substitute dill in salmon with other herbs that you may have in your kitchen right now!  Why use dill in … Read more