9 Best Substitutes For Gruyere Cheese

substitute for gruyere cheese

Are you looking for some good substitutes for gruyere cheese? Keep reading to find the best options. Gruyere cheese is a very rich, nutty cheese with a hint of saltiness. Its texture is creamy and its flavor depends on its age. Many people love to use it for quiches, fondue, dips, and gratins. Gruyere is … Read more

11 Best Substitutes For Parmesan Cheese

substitute for Parmesan cheese

Are you trying to make a recipe that calls for parmesan cheese? Did you also just realize that you have none? Keep reading to see how to substitute for parmesan cheese easily. Parmesan cheese is a rich cheese with a nutty, umami-like flavor originally from Italy and serves as a great topping for pasta, meats, … Read more

12 Best Ways To Substitute For Ricotta Cheese

ricotta cheese substitutes

Searching for a good substitute for ricotta cheese? Keep reading to see 10 easy ingredients that can be used as ricotta substitutions in just about any recipe. Ricotta cheese is a yummy and essential part of recipes like lasagna. However, not many people keep ricotta cheese on hand and you may find yourself needing a … Read more

10 Best Ways to Substitute for Oaxaca Cheese

substitute for Oaxaca cheese

Making a recipe that calls for Oaxaca cheese? Check out these easy ways to substitute for Oaxaca cheese here! Oaxaca (pronounced “wa-ha-ca”) is a traditional Mexican cheese made from cow’s milk. It has a semi-soft, stringy, stretchy texture and a mellow, milky flavor with a bit of earthiness to it. Oaxaca is immensely popular in … Read more

10 Best Ways to Substitute for Farmer’s Cheese

Farmer’s Cheese

Do you need some way to substitute for farmer’s cheese? Keep reading to see 10 types of cheese that can be used to replace farmer’s cheese. Farmer’s cheese is a fresh, unaged white cheese made with either cow, sheep, or goat’s milk. Farmer’s cheese texture largely depends on the manufacturing process. European-style farmer’s cheese is … Read more