10 Best Ways To Substitute For Tomato Puree

substitute for tomato puree

Are you looking for a substitute for tomato puree? If you are, keep reading to learn 10 easy ways to replace tomato puree in any recipe!  Tomato purée is made by  grinding, then cooking tomatoes until a thick flavorful liquid is formed. It usually contains ingredients like peeled tomatoes, salt, sugar and citric acid and … Read more

Substitute For Turmeric Powder (In Yellow Rice, Butter Chicken, Soups etc)

turmeric powder substitutes

Have you just run out of turmeric powder? If you are and you’re looking for a good substitute for turmeric powder, then you’re in luck. Here, I’ve listed the 5 best substitutes for turmeric powder that actually works! What is turmeric powder? Turmeric powder is a bright yellow powder made from the root of Curcuma … Read more

8 Best Ways To Substitute For Fenugreek

substitutes for Fenugreek

Are you making a recipe that calls for fenugreek? Have you ran out of fenugreek and you’re looking for a good substitute for fenugreek? Here, you’ll find 12 easy ways to substitute for fenugreek, with ingredients you might have in your pantry right now! What is fenugreek? Fenugreek is a clover-like spice from the family … Read more